• Ally Mackay

Personal Training. Week 5

Updated: Apr 15

Hello and welcome to the ADAM COPLEY: PERSONAL TRAINING weekly blog.

Here you will find weekly updates designed to educate you on strength and conditioning for cycling. Over the coming weeks I will be covering all aspects of conditioning your body for cycling and how it can benefit you in terms of comfort, speed, and improving your riding. So, without further delay. Let’s get right into this week’s entry!

So, another week another lockdown, and once again I am at a loss of words, so what can we talk about with regards to bikes, and fitness.

Well. I want to talk to you about enjoying the opportunities that we have been given to be outside and enjoy the weather we are having.

And, by that I don’t mean go out for the day on the bike. I mean be grateful for the weather we have and the time we can spend in it. How many times have you been sat in the office during previous years thinking, “man I’d love to go outside right now”? Well guess what, now you can.

You can sit outside and do work if your wifi lets you. You can sit outside while you eat lunch. You can train in your home outside and get the turbo out. You can even go out to ride your bike outside. Just don’t take the Michael.

Yes, we have had our lives changed in a dramatic way, and it is something that may never be the same for a long time but think of the positives we have right now.

Time in the sun, time at home, time with the family and time on the bike.

I also want you to think about June and July. It is looking like these are the months things will start to happen again and let’s get thinking about these times. We have plenty of sun left as summer hasn’t even begun. Think of the smiles, the long days on the bike, The sessions and the BBQ’s post ride. It’s gonna be an absolute blast and if we stay positive, we can come out of this Happy, grateful and loving life!

I really hope you have a great end to your week, stay positive and stay safe.



th the restrictions in place there has never been a better time to get out on the bike and w

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